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Charleston SC Short Sales 2017!


What is a Charleston SC short sale?

A Charleston SC short sale occurs when the net proceeds from the sale of a home are not enough to cover the seller’s mortgage obligations and closing costs, such as property taxes, transfer taxes, and the real estate practitioner’s commission. The Charleston SC seller is unwilling or unable to cover the difference.

Some although by no means all Charleston SC short sellers may also be in default on their mortgage loans and be headed for foreclosure. However, Charleston SC home owners who bought at the top of the market or who took out large amounts of equity with a refinance and who now need to sell because of divorce or job transfer may also find themselves upside down, owing more than the home is currently worth when closing costs are factored in.

In general, most Charleston SC short sale experts say to price the property at or near fair market value, although a few will begin with the total payoff amount owned by the seller. How frequently prices are dropped will depend in part on whether the property is in preforeclosure. Most Charleston SC banks have a formula for what percentage under market value they will accept, say interviewees. Figures cited vary from 8 percent under to almost 20 percent under. Buying a Charleston, South Carolina short sale can be time consuming and therefor proper documentation is critical to protecting the buyers interest.

Although response times vary from lender to lender, it can take two weeks or as long as 60 days to receive an approval of a short sale from a lender. That’s why it’s critical that Charleston SC Buyers and their representative understand and accept that time frame before they make an offer. And that is why it is critical for Charleston Short Sale Owners to complete all required case applications to their lender in a timely manner.

  Charleston SC Short Sale Seller Services

There are no “up front” fees. Our company is paid out of the sales proceeds only when a Charleston SC Short Sale transaction closes.

It is imperative that an experienced team guide you through this complicated process. That is why I formed a relationship with Ed Williams, of Seaboard Real Estate & Financial Services, Inc., a specialized real estate and financial services company. Ed has been in the banking and real estate business for over thirty years and he will know how to communicate with your lender or loan servicer. He will take the lead in discussing and learning their particular procedures and requirements to obtain all the approvals needed to make a Charleston SC Short Sale work.

Call Ed at 843- 442-2117.  He will be glad to have a discussion with you and explain what needs to be done to get the process started. Please leave a message if he is not in or if it is after hours. These lines go directly to his office.

I have been in the real estate marketing and development business in Charleston SC for over thirty years. I was head of development and oversaw sales for two major golf course communities in the area. After you have discussed the short sale process with Ed, I will review with you the pricing and marketing strategies of your home and my Seller Services Program. Immediately after we meet and the listing agreement is signed your home will be placed in the multiple listing service with over 2400 member agents and  web network to give your property the most exposure online.   

We are not a large operation and only cover the tri county area of Charleston S.C., where we have both spent our entire careers. Our combined backgrounds are well suited to help folks that find themselves in this situation due to the economy and the devastation of real estate values across this country.  You are not alone; however as daunting a task as this may seem to many homeowners it can be done, even after legal action has begun.

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Here are some current listings identified in the CTAR-MLS as Charleston SC Short Sale Opportunities. Call or Email me for additional information. NOTE: These listings are updated daily - they can be sorted and the number of listings per page can be increased from 3 to 12 listings per page at the top of the listing page.

Please visit my Buyer / Seller Services Page for my Buyer / Seller Advocatory Services. Buyers and Sellers of a Short Sale property must complete a Short Sale Addendum To Contract to Buy and Sell Real Estate. This addendum should be signed at time of contracting by both Buyer and Seller, as most Lien Holders will not consider a Short Sale until a signed contract is received for their review.







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