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The city of Folly Beach is located on Folly Island, a barrier island 6 miles long. It's the closest beach to historic Charleston, just about 15 minutes drive via the James Island Connector. Many Folly Beach property owners have descovered the value offered by owning a Folly Beach fractional home.

Although Folly Island today is a continuous island stretching from the Stono Inlet to Lighthouse Inlet, that has not always been the case. Many maps show Folly to have been considered two islands, commonly known as Big Folly and Little Folly.

Historical records from the time of the Civil War state that travel from Big Folly across the neck of the island, today called the Washout to Little Folly was possible only along the beach at low tide.

Folly Island played a historic part during the Civil War. Federal troops began occupying the island in 1863. At the height of the occupation, more than 13,000 troops were stationed on the island.

Folly Beach was devastated by Hurricane Hugo in 1989, but has since been rebuilt. Known for its eclectic vibe and small-village character, Folly Beach is home to a 1,045-foot-long pier that, along with the impressive pierhouse, was built in 1995. Visitors also flock to the beach for surfing, local eateries, various beach shops and Folly Beach fractional homes.

"The Edge of America" offers everything from crabbing, fishing charters, biking and waterskiing to shag dancing on the pier at the popular Moonlight Mixers. Folly Beach fractional ownership offers the same access to these amenities at far less cost.

Folly Beach County Park, part of the county parks system, is protected from development. Bottle-nosed dolphins often frolic off the beach, and a variety of shore birds make the park their home. You can enjoy Folly Beach too thru Folly Beach fractional ownership. 

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